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We have a growing directory of websites - from Greenpeace and organic T-Shirts to other local organic farmers. we would be delighted if you would like to suggest a website we should list or want to link your website with ours, . Please email us at post@langleychase.co.uk.

Pressure/special interest groups:
Like minded 'green'/organic/fairtrade companies:
Cooking and food
Local and West Country

CSR Newswire (www.csrwire.com)
The Corporate Social Responsiblity Newsire Service aims to be the the leading source of corporate responsibility and sustainability press releases, reports and news.

Ethical Trading Initiative (www.eti.org.uk)
The ETI is an alliance of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and trade union organisations committed to working together to identify and promote ethical trade - good practice in the implementation of a code of conduct for good labour standards, including the monitoring and independent verification of the observance of ethics code provisions, as standards for ethical sourcing.

Fairtrade Foundation (www.fairtrade.org.uk)
The Fairtrade Foundation exists to ensure a better deal for marginalised and disadvantaged third world producers. Set up by CAFOD, Christian Aid, New Consumer, Oxfam, Traidcraft and the World Development Movement, the Foundation awards a consumer label, the Fairtrade Mark, to products which meet internationally recognised standards of fair trade.

International Federation for Alternative Trade (www.ifat.org)
The International Federation for Alternative Trade (IFAT), is a global network of over 160 Fair Trade organisations in more than 50 countries, which works to improve the livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged people in developing countries and to change the unfair structures of international trade.

GreenBiz.com (www.greenbiz.com)

The nonprofit, nonpartisan GreenBiz.com works to harness the power of technology to bring environmental information, resources, and tools to the mainstream business community. Its principal mission is: To provide clear, concise, accurate, and balanced information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that combines ecological sustainability with profitable business practices.