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We have a growing directory of websites - from Greenpeace and organic T-Shirts to other local organic farmers. we would be delighted if you would like to suggest a website we should list or want to link your website with ours, . Please email us at post@langleychase.co.uk.

Pressure/special interest groups:
Like minded 'green'/organic/fairtrade companies:
Cooking and food
Local and West Country

A lot of Organics (www.alotoforganics.co.uk)

A lot of Organics aims to be the UK's organic search engine, enabling you to find organic companies on the web. The site covers organic food, vegetarian, vegan, special diets, ethical, eco-friendly and other organic product.

EIRIS (www.eiris.org)

The Ethical Investment Research Service is the leading European provider of independent research into the social, environmental and ethical performance of companies. EIRIS, a UK based organisation, and its nine international research partners together have a wealth of experience in the field of ethical investment research.

Environappy Health Network (www.environappy.org)

Environappy health network is a charity started by a group of parents who had used a real nappy service and wanted to share information and their experiences with others.

Ethical Consumer Magazine (www.ethicalconsumer.org)

Every time you go shopping, you can use your spending power to vote for your values. The Ethical Consumer magazine is published six times a year. Its online version features examples of material which has appeared in the magazine plus additional resources such as indexes. The Ethical Consumer Magazine also lists its top ten tips for buying ethically.

Ethical Junction (www.ethical-junction.org)

The Ethical Junction is a gateway to the ethical sector for people in the UK and Ireland, giving a focal point for a broad range of ethical issues and trading. The future belongs to those organisations and companies who act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Consumers are making sure this happens as they become increasingly aware of the wide range of issues over which they have an influence.

Ethical Performance (www.ethicalperformance.com)

Ethical Performance is a monthly newsletter for professionals with a corporate social responsibility or socially responsible investment brief. It is the only independent business newsletter to cover trends in: social reporting; corporate governance; ethical codes of practice; socially responsible investment; risk and reputation; management and supply chain monitoring.

Get Ethical (www.getethical.com)

Red Pepper and The Big Issue magazines created getethical.com to promote and advance ethical consumerism. By utilising the power of consumers, together, we can create a more sustainable economy and a better world. getethical firmly believes profit should not be the only motivation and are committed to using their profits to put something back in to the world. getethical also provides links and information on environmental and social justice issues and much more.

GreenChoices (www.greenchoices.org)

GreenChoices is a not for profit initiative that aims to encourage everyone in Britain to make ecologically sound decisions in living their everyday lives. The website provides simple, direct information on green alternatives which make a real, lasting difference.

Solar Century (www.solarcentury.co.uk)

Where are you getting the electricity to power your computer? As global warming accelerates we have to adopt cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy. Solar Century supplies solar energy solutions for home and business.

Triodos Bank (www.triodos.co.uk)

Triodos Bank is one of Europe’s leading ethical banks. Established in 1980 in The Netherlands, with a UK office following in 1995, Triodos Bank enables money to work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.Triodos offers a comprehensive range of banking services for social businesses, charities and groups along with a variety of savings accounts for individuals. Triodos Bank only lends money to organisations and businesses pursuing positive social, environmental and cultural goals.

Planet Ark (www.planetark.org)

Planet Ark is a great free daily news service made up purely of environmentally related news stories. It is a first class tool for those interested in keeping up to date with environmental issues and developments.